The most important tips and habits of hair lengthening

We are all looking for the most important tips and habits of lengthening hair, and getting long hair is the dream of most girls.

Sometimes, however, it is difficult to reach for many. How many times have you heard a friend complain that her hair is growing slowly? And maybe you yourself are suffering from the same thing. The common question that girls ask in any session is how long does my hair last? In fact, there are many prescriptions and methods, including natural ones that require medical intervention. As this topic is one of the most disturbing problems for girls, today they decided to offer you everything related to hair lengthening.

Factors that negatively affect the hair lengthening process

At first you should know very well that there are some diseases and factors that greatly affect the process of lengthening the hair, and make it not going the way you want. So if you're looking for long, attractive hair, you should first make sure you don't have one of the following diseases or factors.
1. General vulnerability and anemia
2. Dysfunction of thyroid hormones, pituitary gland, etc.
3. Stress
4. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease
5. Smoking

How to lengthen hair?

You should know that this process is divided into several different stages and methods, after making sure that you do not have one of the previous diseases or factors, you should move to this stage which is divided into…

Habits that help lengthen hair

1- Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, especially vegetables.
2- Take some vitamins such as iron, vitamin B12 and others.
3- Get enough sleep.
4- Do not cut the ends of the hair at close intervals.
5. Avoid using the mattress when the hair is wet, and replace it with a comb with wide teeth.
6. Use cold water at the end of each time you wash your hair.
7. Avoid shampooing every time you wash your hair with it, which can be replaced with a hair conditioner.
8. Avoid caffeine drinks.
9. Be sure to massage your scalp daily before going to bed.

Herbal blends and natural recipes for hair lengthening

As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways to lengthen hair, some of which depend on herbal mixtures.

Elias Herb

One of the most popular herbs of any attar. Just bring it in and mix it with rosemary herb, and grind it thoroughly. Add a glass and a half of water to the mixture and then put it in a spray and spray it on the hair daily.

Henna for hair lengthening

For many years, women have been using henna for cosmetic purposes such as changing hair color, increasing its density and others. Also can be used in order to make hair longer. All you have to do is mix three tablespoons of henna with the same amount of mayonnaise as garlic and make a mask. Apply to your hair for 15 minutes and then wash it.

Best oils for hair lengthening

There are some blends of a range of oils that are best for lengthening hair, and we will show them to you at the following points:

Almond oil hook for hair


1 teaspoon vitamin E.

1 teaspoon yeast.

1 tablespoon almond oil.

A quarter cup of water.


Mix the previous ingredients well, then put them on the hair and leave for half an hour and then wash the hair thoroughly.

Coconut oil mixture for hair lengthening


1 egg.

1 tablespoon olive oil.

2 tablespoons coconut oil.

1 tablespoon honey.

And the method:

Mix the previous ingredients well, apply them to your hair for 15 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.

Garlic oil mixture to lengthen hair


First a teaspoon garlic oil.

Second, a teaspoon of oil is a piece of peat.

Third, a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Iv teaspoon almond oil.

V teaspoon cactus oil.

And the method:

Mix the previous ingredients well, apply the mixture to your hair for 15 minutes, and then wash your hair thoroughly.

Hair lengthening recipes

We've talked about some factors in the past as well as oil blends that contribute to hair lengthening. But there are some other natural recipes in order to make hair longer:

Honey blend for hair lengthening

1 egg yolk.

1 tablespoon honey.

1 tablespoon olive oil.

And the method:

Mix the previous ingredients well, start massaging the scalp, leave it on your hair for 40 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.

Apple cider vinegar mixture in order to make hair longer


75 ml apple vinegar, 1 liter water, method: Mix the previous ingredients, then wash your hair with it after you have finished washing it from shampoo and you will notice the difference within 3 weeks.

Mustard mixture in order to make hair longer


1 tablespoon mustard.

2 tablespoons warm water.

3 tablespoons olive oil.

1 egg.


Mix the previous ingredients until you get dough, apply the dough to the roots of the hair and leave for 5 minutes and then wash your hair well, repeat
10 Healthy Hair Lengthening Tips

Top Health Tips for Hair Lengthening

There are ways to lengthen hair without affecting the budget and without repeatedly knocking on the salon door to reduce the fragile endings.

We have great suggestions in order to make your hair longer:

1. What is washing your hair every day? They immediately stop washing their hair every day.
If you wash your hair every day, you prevent lengthening by purifying your natural hair oil. So it's best to wash your hair once every two days.

2. They may have greasy hair, but that doesn't mean it looks bad. If they can't fix their hair in any way on days when they can't wash their hair, they try out new special models.

3. The best shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo!

The first condition when looking for the most suitable shampoo for your hair is to choose a moisturizing shampoo. If the hair is not wet, it cannot be lengthened.
Apply the shampoo twice. It is best to wash your hair twice with a small amount of shampoo.

4. Hair masks are essential.

If their hair goes through chemical processes such as dyeing or curling, they should regularly put on hair masks.

The hair mask that should be applied twice a week should have a moisturizing structure.

Don't stop using a sensitive, natural hair brush.

They can use softer, content-sensitive bamboo brushes instead of thick and hard plastic brushes.
Do not comb the hair from the bottom but from the ends. If they pull the hair from its roots, they break it or weaken it.
Hot heat should be avoided altogether. Try to stay away from styling tools that are placed on your hair at high temperature.

5. Water, more water! If you run out of water from your body, don't expect your hair to lengthen, you don't give it the most important thing it needs. You should increase your daily water consumption.

Your hair needs water just like your body.

Big secret: pine resin olive tree. Periodic pine bping treatment helps make your hair longer.

They can wash their hair for a month with a three-tablespoon olive tree inside the shampoo. However, they should be given a one-month break.

6. Hairstyles with lifting effect take years

In addition to providing a fresh and fresh look, these styles will help you accentuate the beauty of your face.

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