Do you know how to lengthen hair faster?

Sure, you've tried a lot of ways, but in this article you'll learn new ways to help you stretch your hair faster.

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There's a hair extension without mixes? Do you know her?

Does the health of the body have anything to do with the health and length of the hair?

To answer these and other questions, read this article.

To get the beauty there is a price you have to pay, the length of the hair from the beauty and attractiveness, so it takes you to take care of your hair a lot of time styling and individual and curling and sometimes do not pray for what you want from the length of your hair or a certain hairstyle

Or until you get to the point where you want a cure just for your hair loss.

First, we emphasize that the basis for the safety and health of hair is healthy food.

I will mention a varied and balanced healthy diet.

  • Use of wooden hair brush with wide teeth because plastic types cause hair loss
  • Healthy food ensures strong and shiny healthy hair and protects it from weakness, breakage and loss
  • Focus on foods rich in beneficial elements for hair such as iron, zinc and protein
  • Vegetables, fruits, oily fish and nuts are very useful foods for hair
  • Focus on vitamin E treats dry and volatile hair

Everyone dreams of long and soft hair and different hairstyles and maybe every time a woman cuts her hair she feels reprimanded and wants to go back and back and time and not cut her hair.

But you are met with many strange recipes and mixtures that promise to lengthen hair in an hour or night, and may damage your hair and budget and not achieve what you promised, so here's how to lengthen hair without mixtures, away from fairy tale promises

Lengthening hair without mixing

LonWoman in Orange Crew Neck T-shirtg hair is often considered an indicator of body health so:

We recommend that you take care of your body's food and nutrition, thereby nourishing your hair.

Foods that help with hair lengthening: fish, legumes, nuts and whole grains.

As a study said: You should be careful to feed your body with protein and vitamins such as vitamina A, C and D and minerals such as iron and zinc, otherwise you will find that you are suffering from hair loss.


Ways to lengthen hair without mixing

  • Cut hair, but how do you lengthen hair with a haircut?  Here we mean that one of the ends of the hair that destroys and weakens your hair and causes the hair to lose its vitality, shine and intensity.

Hair experts say you should cut the hair tips every six to eight weeks, giving your hair a chance to nourish and regenerate.

  • Dyeing hair and avoiding a hairstyle with thermal tools, many do not know that heat styling is a cause of hair damage and is not good for your hair at all.

A study by hair coloring experts said that trimming hair and repeating dye weakens the hair, and that the less chemotherapy you are, the more you can lengthen your hair quickly and you should use heat, always use a heat protector, otherwise you risk damaging your hair, leading to broken limbs and wrinkles.

  • Styling hair before bed is always the habit of combing your hair three minutes before bedtime allowing the distribution of natural oils in your hair.

You should use a nice brush and recommend the wooden brush, so that your scalp massages you a little and stimulates circulation, enables you to strengthen your scalp, and lengthen your hair in a short time.

  • Overuse of shampoo: The goal of shampoo is to clean the cleaning and we recommend choosing a shampoo free of sulfate i.e. sulfur.

When bathing you should rub the scalp and let the soap foam slip on the rest of the hair without rubbing while the water removes the shampoo residue

  • Using Conditioner: Because it helps replace fats and proteins inside and outside the hair, basically, it's your first defense against damage

In the end, let's agree that you can't stretch hair in one night or even just a few days.

But you can change your routine to make sure your hair is healthy.

Nutrition, hydration, vitamins, care, and care for the scalp.

Follow the way of lengthening hair without the mixtures that we mentioned in this article,

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